All Elk and Eve products are made in two colours – black (Spanish marquina marble) and white (Carrara marble).

Carrerra marble, from Tuscany, Italy has bluish grey veins. This type of marble has been manufactured since Ancient Rome. It has been used to build some of the most famous buildings and monuments in the world like the Pantheon (126AD) and London’s Marble Arch (1827). It was the most popular marble used for sculptures in the Renaissance such as Michelangelo’s David in 1501–04.

Elk and Eve’s beautiful black Spanish Marquina marble is quarried in the Basque Country region in Northern Spain. It has a deep dark black colour with strong white grain and occasional fossils providing a striking contrast. When it is polished the depth of colour appears almost bottomless. This marble is popular worldwide, mainly in building interiors, however it has a rich history including the Renaissance period where it was used within ornate furniture and lush interior design.

The durability of the marble used by Elk and Eve is proven by the antique structures that still stand today. Your Elk and Eve product is part of a long history of classic art, design and architecture.